The Founder


Richard L. P. Tan is the founder and principal of Garden & Landscape Centre(Pte) Ltd (1969) and of Envirospace Consultants (Pte) Ltd (2000). He was also a founding member of the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) in 1983 and Chairman of the Eastern Regional Council of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) for two years in 1989–1990. From 2001 to 2002, Tan served as President of IFLA, the fist Asian to be elected to this prestigious post.

Mr Tan is also deeply involved supporting future industry professionals by providing internships and post-graduate scholarships. He has collaborated with the National University of Singapore’s Department of Architecture’s Landscape Division and funded missions to teach sustainable organic vegetable farming and built eco-friendly GardenRoof Systems and VerticalGreen System with Gawad Kalinga (GK) in the Philippines and Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) in Cambodia.

One of Mr Tan’s visions is to develop a good local training facility to enhance the practical abilities of landscape technicians to bridge the gap between landscape architects and horticulturalists. In 2013, he founded the Landscape Academy, a not-for-profit organization to train young ASEAN students. He has established a school in Thailand and is setting up another in Cambodia.

“ You must enjoy the work. Landscape is physically demanding and creatively challenging. It asks a lot out of you so unless you have a passion  for nature, plants and the environment, you may burn out after a while. But if you have the passion and attitude of lifelong learning, it will be endlessly rewarding. You must be prepared to give 110% to the business”

-Mr Richard L. P. Tan