ZhengHua Nature Park

Zhenghua Nature Park

Zhenghua Nature Park was envisioned as an accessible and natural respite choice to be brought to the doorstep of residential neighbourhoods. It is a nature extension of the Central Nature Reserve and Zhenghua Park, where several bird species call it home. There are several areas of the park with its original vegetation retained and conserved.

There are two distinct areas of the park; the Northern Active Zone where there are recreational activity and event areas to cater to residents, while a larger Southern Passive Zone where it is more biodiversity-centric. An Arboretum of Time native and flowering trees is a key highlight of the nature park, whereby trees will flower at different times of the year. The park is also catered for educational enrichment uses, whereby nearby educational institutions are involved in learning of plants and bird watching.

Furthermore, key working parameters such as minimisation of import-export of earth, on-site transplanting, recycling of horticultural waste for planting media and signage development from fallen timber are unconventional yet beneficial construction practices introduced to this site.