The Kitchen Garden Story

Imagine cooking a dish with freshly harvested vegetables and succulent fruits plucked right from your own home. Instead of weeks-old vegetables loaded with preservatives and harmful chemicals, you will have the luxury of enjoying your very own favorite greens anytime you want.

The seeds of our Kitchen Garden were sown from our desire to educate and encourage people to grow their own vegetables. If you have visions of toiling under the sun and back-breaking work, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

With our Kitchen Garden-in-a-Box, you can create a vegetable garden anywhere in your home, regardless of its size – from an aprtment balcony or a small back garden, to a simple greenhouse. It comes fully equipped with everything you need, from planting materials to gardening tools. All you need to do is select the seeds of the vegetables of your choice, plant and harvest them in a few weeks.

Kitchen Garden-in-a-Box is an almost foolproof way to grow your own vegetables as it contains a unique formula: Gardenlite. Specially created by Garden and Landscape Centre, this patent-pending planting material allows you to grow almost any kind of vegetable in only 75mm of substrate including food crops such as sweet corn, rice and tapioca.

This is the first in the world of its kind in Rooftop Organic Farming System. This lightweight medium weighs only half the weight of normal soil. On top of that, it is an inert material that is free from undesirable pathogens, bacteria, micro-organisms and weed-seeds that are commonly present in soil.

An automatic irrigation system is also included to provide and control the correct amount of water for optimum vegetable growth. There are also various plant tray sizes to suit your needs.



This kitchen garden can provide you with fresh vegetables in your backyard, so you enjoy a selection og your favourite veggies and fruits every day.




boxA This greenhouse is designed for a small family home with limited space. The 9 square metres enclosure has ample room to provide you with a constant supply of fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the year.




boxB This larger greenhouse of 24 square metres is ideal for a larger family. A wider variety of vegetables from tubers to gourds and beans can also be grown here. All greenhouses are equipped with an all-weather control system and self-watering system to ensure that the greens will always be well watered by a simple battery-operated timer. 

  • Lounge dining suite

    This greenhouses are also cleverly designed for you to use as an entertainment area. When you keep your greens confined along the walls, you and your guests can escape the heat and relax in a fresh, lush environment.

  • grand dining suite

    Eating in the conservatory surrounded by vegetables and fruits grown by your very own hands is an experience like no other.

  • Multiple dining suite

    Start a trend – create a Green Restaurant where diners can not only savour freshly plucked vegeatbles and fruits, but also indulge in the pleasure of being surrounded by these same luxuriant plants.

Kitchen Garden In-A-Box

The only tools and equipment you need to start your first organic garden are all conveniently provided for you. Experience the joy of watching your vegetables grow each day and after three weeks, you can savour your first harvest on your dining table.